It’s been a difficult year if you are looking to find a romantic partner. It’s essential for our wellbeing to be mindful of our social wellness. However, it makes sense that during a pandemic dating can be an arduous process, even though we crave human connection. 

So I have thought of 5 ways to develop a physically distant relationship from the perspective of a health coach. Genuine and healthy relationships matter more than ever now, that being said here are my tips!

#1 Video chat is your friend

We all have access to amazing technology that allows us to bridge the distance between people. Schedule a video chat with the special someone you are interested in. Video chat is an excellent tool as you both can see each other’s expressions and true emotions. Plus it’s super convenient to video chat on your phone, tablet or computer.

#2 Don’t be scared to ask important questions

Once you’ve gotten to know each other a little more, you can start to ask questions about things that you value in life. You should find out if you’re both on the same page about key beliefs. A strong foundation builds a great relationship, don’t shy away from talking about topics that mean the most to you.

#3 Prioritize mental and emotional connections

Relating to another person on a deeper level can be easier to do when apart. There are a lot less surface level distractions in the way, and you can really get to know someone just from truly opening up. A great exercise to use is my 30 Day Gratitude Challenge (Find it here 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge). Use this to develop a stronger mental and emotional connection. Just take turns every day talking about each prompt, and see how the conversation unfolds!

#4 Try fun online activities

Technology once again has some great ways of bringing people together. Plan a date night using websites like Netflix Watch Parties or, have a fun night playing games using the House Party app. There are a lot of other tools you can use to plan a virtual date that can be special. Remember to still have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

#5 Determine your physical boundaries before you meet up

It’s only natural to want to meet with someone after you’ve been talking for awhile. Have the discussion about what your boundaries look like and agree to them before venturing out into the real world. That way you can ease some of those first date anxieties beforehand.

Don’t be put off finding someone during these physically distant times. Great people are out there looking for the same thing as you are. To be loved and listened to will always remain integral to our happiness and wellness. You deserve to experience that in your life as well!

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  1. Nicky Calvert

    Thanks Melanie! It is also great to do it this way because you get to know a person & their character before the physical takes over! Video chat IS our friend – waaaaaaaay better than just a phone call to get to know someone. Plus you can do it over Facebook before handing out your cell no., if that’s what you prefer (or dating sites like e-Harmony have a video chat function built into their platform.


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