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What to expect in a discovery call:

The purpose of a discovery call is to learn about your health and wellness goals and how they may fit in with my services. You can share with me what you are focused on and the transformation you are hoping to achieve.

I will share how coaching with me works and discuss how I may be of support to you.

If we mutually feel like we would make a good team for Functional Medicine Health Coaching, I will share a summary of my packages and what may be best suited to you.

Together we would co-create a personalized plan to work towards your goals. We are individuals each on our own journey. Together let’s figure out what would work best for you and your life!

If you are struggling with your health goals, get on this coaching plan. The help and support available is unreal. You will not regret it. I would recommend coaching with Melanie as I felt it has benefited me and helped me in many ways.

Shamah K.

Melanie has helped me with my overall health. She has amazing recipes, resources and ideas. My whole family is now able to eat clean whole food. Melanie has access to a wealth of knowledge within Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She can help with skincare, diet, sleep, work/life balance. She helps you build confidence and points you in the right direction so you can find happiness and health. This has been life changing for my family. I am a busy working mom. Everyone is much happier now that we eat balanced well thought out meals. We have eliminated many toxins from our life. From the food we eat to the air we breath and the water we drink.

Chelsey B.

Melanie is always encouraging and has different support each time we visit. I always learn something fresh and new about my health. Melanie has taught me how to recognize when I eat something that my body does not like. I have improved my health through better eating and a more active lifestyle. Melanie has taught me how to eat for my lifestyle and her guidance is totally doable. I would definitely recommend this program to others because of the personalized service.

Barb C.