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We’re all about helping high achieving mid-life individuals who are unwilling to let age chip away at their success.  Learn how Functional Vitality Health could be your secret weapon to regain control of your future health and longevity.

Spring Foods to

Fuel Your Brain

Are you feeling like your diet could use a spring refresh?

Try my 5 days of meal ideas to boost your brain and motivate your time in the kitchen.

Welcome to Functional Vitality Health

Our mission is to give our high achieving clients an incredible edge in optimizing every element of their life and career. Reclaim your power through our personalized programs and live an extraordinary life in this season and the next

What Makes Us Different?

Functional Vitality Health was founded on the understanding that change is a process, not an event. We still prioritize that idea today. 

What Is Health Coaching?

Functional Vitality Health is a personalized approach to coaching, designed to help you achieve a holistic balance for you body, mind and emotions.

What is Functional Medicine?

The concept underlying “functional medicine” is prioritized at Functional Vitality Health . Learn how, and why, we feel these concepts are so important.

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