It’s wonderful to spend more time in the kitchen, but the reality is we can sometimes get weary of the extra veggie chopping on those extra busy days. Sometimes a few kitchen hacks are needed to stay on track. Here are 10 healthy, already prepped foods to help make the week easier, while still ensuring you’re consuming your vegetables.

Look for these at your local grocery store:

1. Pre-chopped butternut squash – save yourself a band-aid too!

2. Hummus – pay attention to ingredients, the least amount the better and quality oils are important.

3. Canned lentils & beans – dried may be more cost-effective, but buying cooked in the can saves time.

4. Cauliflower rice – save yourself the bits all over your kitchen and opt for store-bought fresh or frozen.

5. Frozen veggies – when you aren’t up to a lot of prep and cleanup, this works!

6. Spiralized veggies – many grocery stores sell spiralized beet, sweet potato and zucchini that are ready to go.

7. Bagged cabbage – if you don’t have an army to feed, you can opt for bagged cabbage that is pre-washed, shredded and ready to go.

8. Boxed greens – salads are a whole lot easier when you don’t have to wash and chop those leafy greens.

9. Chopped fruit trays – Save yourself the hassle and sticky mess of cutting into those hard-to-maneuver fruits.

10. Prepared guacamole – there are some great brands available, again just read the ingredient list.


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