Having trouble getting quality sleep lately? I’m hearing this from quite a few clients now that the days are longer (it’s also showing in their Oura ring stats!). Know that you’re not alone when it comes to finding the sweet spot of quality summer sleep. We all want to take advantage of longer days, I totally get it, but it can mean shorter sleep times and that feeling of tiredness the next day. Your body clock (located in the brain) uses light and darkness as signals for day and night. The more we see light, the longer the body clock will tell the body it’s daytime and it needs to stay awake. With longer days, and more time spent outdoors this can pose some challenges.

Here are some tips to help take back your sleep quality during the long summer days:

  • Reduce stress – sleep may be further disrupted if you’re stressed or have a lot on your mind. Find ways to relax, like gentle stretching, a nice novel or some breath work before bed. Many clients find it helpful to keep a journal by their beds for those “monkey brain” nights. Write down your thoughts and schedule some ‘me time’ in the morning to review.
  • Lifestyle – with longer days, we tend to socialize more, which can mean eating later and drinking more alcohol. The tip is to keep a consistent schedule. Meet friends and family earlier in the day and plan on eating earlier, so your body (digestion) and mind can wind down at a reasonable time. Keep alcohol to a minimum and stay hydrated throughout the day so you’re not waking in the night thirsty.
  • Regulate temperature – if you’re too warm you may move out of a relaxed state and become more aware. Install an air conditioner, add fans or open a window to bring in a cool breeze. Wear light fabrics like pure silk, cotton, satin or bamboo. These fabrics are great for sheets as well. The best room temp is 18.3 C (65 F).
  • Darken the room – before you hit the pillow, try darkening the room or use an eye mask. This triggers the pineal gland in the brain to begin to produce melatonin, critical for deep sleep.

Falling and staying asleep may feel more difficult during these long summer days. You can use these steps successfully to still feel energized, clear in the head and balanced in mood from a great night’s sleep!

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