With travel to far away destinations on hold, many people are planning to embark on safer road trips within their state or province to fulfill their summer adventuring. With that in mind, I wanted my clients to have some tips and tricks in their back pocket to keep healthy living a priority while away from home. You can enjoy time away without letting your health fall apart. What I find is structured plans work well, with a little bit of ease worked in.

Tip #1: Book a room with a kitchenette
Having access to a kitchen means you can prepare your own meals and know exactly what you are putting into your body. Call ahead and ask if they have kitchen items already in the room you may need such as a kettle, fry pan or blender.

Tip #2: Pack your own food (or know where you will shop when you arrive)
Load up a cooler with ice packs and throw in all your favorite food options, including snacks, to help eliminate those impulse junk food purchases at a gas station convenience stores and restaurants along the way. This will save your waistline and your wallet! In some areas, you can also order groceries ahead of time and have it delivered to your room so it’s waiting for you upon arrival after a long day of travel. If you prefer to shop upon arrival, pre-plan to buy the same kinds of foods you normally would if you weren’t on the road. Here are some kitchen tip hacks to help guide your grocery shopping.

Some good travel snack ideas might be: hard boiled eggs, pre-cut vegetables & fruit, individual sugar free yogurts, nut butter packs, collagen packs, MCT oil travel packs to add to coffee or tea along the way for added healthy fats, raw nuts & seeds, low sugar/healthy bars, premade fat bombs or protein balls (these are delicious Brownie Batter Protein Balls).

Tip #4: Scope out local restaurants
Scoping out restaurants ahead of time can provide some flexibility (and ways to enjoy local culture). Plan before you go by viewing their menu online or call ahead and ask questions to ensure they can accommodate your way of eating (e.g. can they accommodate gluten-free?).

Tip #5: Scope out the local health food store
Forgot something? Know where to find your local health food store upon arrival including store hours, hopefully in close proximity to your stay. Pick up perishable items such as local fresh fruit and vegetables to have on hand.

Tip #6: Don’t leave the house hungry
Eat a balanced, protein rich meal before leaving the house or hotel to keep you satiated and fueled.

Examples might be:
– 2 eggs with veg/fruit
– Egg and veggie break bowl (this recipe is a family favorite)
– Smoothie packed with all your needs (Check out my green smoothie recipe)
– Salad with protein (Like this one)

Tip #7: Keep to the same bedtime routine
Sleep your way to a better vacation. Keep your evening wind down routine such as a warm Epsom salt bath, wear an eye mask and stick to the same schedule. This will help you feel best during the day and able to enjoy your time away from home.

Tip #8: Stay hydrated
Pack a reusable travel water bottle (and make sure it is full with you in the car when you leave the house!) that you can carry around, and can be thrown in the kitchen dishwasher at night. Travelling with a backpack is helpful to hold things like your water bottle and sunscreen (and all those healthy snacks!). Skip the extra alcoholic drinks and move towards more hydrating options with a twist such as soda water/Perrier/Pellegrino with lemon/lime.

Tip #9: Keep moving
Keep your movement and exercise on track by staying in a walkable neighborhood. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Enjoy the scenery on foot or bike and take insights you may miss
from the car. Pack your gym gear and plan on using it. Scope out the local fitness scene, water sports, beach activities, hit up the pool, throw in some push ups, sits ups, use playground equipment, rent a bike and keep moving! Stretch as well, especially after driving for long periods.

Tip #10: Stay safe
Pack toxin free hand wipes, sanitizer, sunscreen, pure laundry & dish detergent, and personal hygiene/protective products to stay safe while travelling. Being on vacation is a great time to enjoy ourselves and create memories with loved ones. Rather than approaching your time away with an “anything goes” mindset, instead plan to feel good during and after your vacation, while keeping the weight off and inflammation down through healthy and wise choices.

Stay safe, have fun and happy road tripping!