There’s no shame in breakfast for dinner, I mean why not?  Taking some stress off of dinner can make the evening go smoothly, and you don’t need to sacrifice on nutrition. For many, being faced with what the inevitable daily question of “what’s for dinner?” can often feel like too much at the end of a long day.  In comes brinner, breakfast for dinner!  These recipes we’ve rounded up include all of your healthy fats, carbs and protein, are full of flavour and easy to prepare. You customize to your dietary needs, but don’t forget those healthy fats to end your days such as olive oil and avocado.  You will feel satiated and may even sleep better after these nourishing meals.

1. Sweet Potato Bowl

Getting in a healthy breakfast is such an important and effective way to start your mornings. Why not get those same nutrients in the evening for you and the family? This Sweet Potato Bowl is loaded with protein and super convenient to make.  It’s packed with all sorts of goodness – protein, fiber, nutrients and anti-oxidants. This recipe is a high fat, high protein diet allowing few carbs, and a enjoyable way to get your kiddies to eat their daily dose of all the right vegetables and nutrients! Check out our full recipe here and don’t forget to tell us what you think.

2. Chicken & Apple Breakfast Patties 

These delicious and healthy Chicken & Apple Breakfast Patties are super quick and great for any meal! Why limit yourself? Imagine a sausage patty made from chicken that’s just as tender and juicy as one made with pork. Breakfast sausages tend to be loaded with fillers, so making this with your own ingredients is a much better choice! With just a few simple ingredients such as ground chicken, apples, onion and spices – this patties recipe is the most perfect contrast between sweet and savory. Try it out for dinner as you can use ground turkey as a substitute for chicken as well. It can definitely be served fresh with vegetables or salad as sides! We’d love to get your feedback so make sure to let us know what you think in the comments down below.


3. Asparagus, Egg & Arugula Salad

Sometimes it’s okay to throw a few ingredients and products together – because you can make the most beautiful meals in the kitchen from doing just that. This Asparagus, Egg & Arugula Salad can be prepared quickly, making sure you have a dinner for you and the family within minutes. It’s jam packed with the right nutrients thanks to the iron in the asparagus, the healthy fats in eggs and the great source of vitamins in the arugula. This recipe is also great paired with a chicken protein or can be just as satisfying on it’s own! And voila – dinner is served.

4. Sweet Potato Spanish Omelet 

Oh this Sweet Potato Spanish Omelet is such a great but simple way to elevate your brinner. Sweet potatoes offer a fabulous spin on the traditional Spanish omelet. We know that there may be days where spending time in the kitchen may seem like a chore – so this accessible go-to meal comes in handy if you are looking to whip up something quick for dinner as well! It’s super filling and offers a great spin of nutrients. Check out the full recipe here. 

5. Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale & Egg Breakfast Salad 

Last, but certainly not least – we have the Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale & Egg Breakfast Salad. It’s vibrant, quick and super refreshing!  We know that salads have become quite a staple for breakfast but, because this recipe is so easy to assemble in the morning – why not make more to eat in the evening? This salad is packed with protein rich ingredients that will keep you satisfied. 

Let us know what your thoughts are on having breakfast for dinner. Part of taking care of yourself is making food throughout the day that brings you pleasure. We also know that after coming home from a long day, sometimes the last thing you want to do is make a time-consuming meal. Give these recipes a try to reduce the stress and make no sacrifices on your nutrition!

Have fun serving up brinner and don’t forget to tag us in your photos!


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